About Woodlawn

History & Vision

Woodlawn Regional Park is proud to be a Non-Profit organization serving the Estevan and Area since 1962.  We have a long standing tradition of providing and maintaining some of the areas most beautiful recreation sites.  It is always a pleasure to hear of the many memories residents past and present have to share of their time at Woodlawn.


In 2011 those memories were almost wiped away with the worst flooding in the last 100 years.  In some places the river silt was 8 feet high, in others the river had widened by 50 feet.  It was devasting, especially to those who had given so much of their time to the park.


Fortunately, Woodlawn calls home one of the most supportive and generous communities in all of Canada.  Thanks to the hard work of staff, the Board of Directors, community minded businesses and volunteers Woodlawn has been transformed.  When a group gets together and views tragedy as an opportunity there really is no limit to what you can achieve.  Woodlawn is a testament to that belief.


Moving forward with the momentum that has been created, the Board of Directors and management have a vision to enhance the park into not only a recreation destination, but a leader in Sustainability and Environmental Awareness for the region.  As always Woodlawn will continue to expand and give back to the community in every way possible.  We are always looking for new partnerships, suggestions and new ideas as it is the synergy of many that create lasting positive change! 



Woodlawn Regional Park is Non-Profit, Charitable Organization.  Under the Saskatchewan Regional Parks Act 1979 Woodlawn is a seperate Municipal Body performing a function of Government. 


As such the Park is partly funded by participating municipalities in the area which include: The City of Estevan, RM of Estevan No. 5, RM of Benson No. 35, RM of Browning No. 34.  Each municipality provides members to the Board of Directors along with user groups which include: TS&M Estevan Woodlawn Golf Course and Estevan Wildlife Federation.  Seasonal Camper Representatives from each location and an Environmental Leader complete Woodlawn's Board of Directors.




3 km South of Estevan on Hwy 47 S


Boundary Dam:

8 km South of Estevan on Hwy 47 S and 2km West





* Firewood bundles for sale at Gatehouse, firepits provided.


RV or Trailer:

   Day: $40.00

   Weekly: $200.00 (7 nights)

   Monthly: $750.00 (28 nights)



   Night: $20.00


Park Entry:

   Day: $10.00


Boat Launch Entry: 

Park Entry:

   Day: $10.00


* Seasonal Park Passes Valid at all Regional Parks in Saskatchewan.


Woodlawn Regional Park

PO Box 1385

Estevan, SK  S4A 2K9

Woodlawn: 306.634.2324

Boundary Dam: 306.637.3837

E: manager@woodlawnregionalpark.com


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